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M75450046ROD M8x121 U5-7V/5 9V/4 18V/314
1S70017086PUMP BODY CA100-2001479
2S70036009BRACKET D.200-250/MEC250-280 x CMG1316
13M60400105MECH. SEAL PR/RN NU 45143
13M60400106MECH. SEAL DIN BT PF L45111
20M72606010ANELLO PARASPRUZZI D.92x45 sp.419
21M60513078NUT UNI 7474 - M18x1,5 A4 AUTOBLOCCANTE20
28/29M75147003PLUG 3/8 BRASS18
31M60900012PUMP BODY OR GASKET 209,15x3,5312
32M60900026M.S.BUSHING OR-GASKET 26,70x1,7811
38M75118041SPACER x MECH SEAL. x CA/CAX 100-20032
40M61000027KEY UNI 6604/A - 8x7x40 AISI31614
50/52M62200004FLANGE 4 UNI 2254-67 DN100 PN10-PN1669
50/52M62200011 FLANGE 5 UNI 2254-67 DN125 PN10-PN16121
51/53M74628022GASKET DN125 SESALIT ECO - sp.319
51/53M74628016SUCTION PIPE GASKET DN10014
81S70019013TSCUDO CA100-200 T.M.270
106M75150044MECH. SEAL SHALL D.45 45x39 H=86,5111
These parts are interchangeable with PENTAX and MARLEY

Spares:MNG100-200A-B MOT.55kW 2P 400/690-50 IE2, Pentax:CMG100-200A-B MOT.55kW

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