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4F/A - series Electric well pumps with polymer hydraulics and pressed steel body. Check valve built into the delivery outlet pump flange for coupling with motors are made according to NEMA standards. 


Delivery outlet and bracket manufactured stainless steel AISI 304. The Foras pumps 4F-A have external jacket stainless steel and impellers and diffusers glass filled polycarbonate. Pump shaft    stainless steel ensures stable operation of the water pump, and withstands Liquid temperature max 35 °C.

⚠️Warning! The amount of sand in the water should contain no more than 300 g/m³


• Water supply for civil and industrial uses 
• Distribution in aqueducts
• Agricultural irrigation 
• Installation of wells and groundwater withdrawal 
• Reverse osmosis plants


The submersible multistage centrifugal pumps Foras for 4” wells with sand-resistant floating impellers is developed and manufactured in Italy by Pentax Industries, S.p.A. The pump is original European quality, factory warranty and is not a cheap Asian copy. 


Upgrade your well pump system with the efficient and reliable 4F/A series Electric well pumps!

4F 25/38A - Submersible Vertical Well Pump (234 m 25 l/min)

VAT Included |

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  • Technical Details

    Delivery outlet stainless steel AISI 304
    External jacket stainless steel
    Impellers and diffusers glass filled polycarbonate
    Upper bushings NBR rubber
    Pump shaft stainless steel
    Liquid temperature max 35 °C
    Quantity of sand in the water max 300 g/m³
    HP 1.5
    kW 1.1
    Flow rate (l/min) 25 l/min (1.5 l/min)
    H (m) 234 m


    Asynchronous 2 poles motor encapsulated Franklin, not rewindable (cod. WF) or rewindable in oil bath (cod. OF)
    Insulation class B
    Protection degree IP58


    DNM 1” 1/4
    Lenght 868 mm
    Weight 8.8 Kg
    Manufacturer ‎Pentax Industries S.p.A.

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