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Introducing the 4MPC - 4” Rewindable Oil-Filled Submersible Motor:

Elevate the performance of your deep-well pumps and submersible pumps with our 4MPC, a powerful submersible electric motor designed for domestic, industrial, and residential use. This robust motor is engineered to meet your most demanding requirements, offering exceptional durability and efficiency for various applications.


Key Features:

  • Upper Support: Crafted from cast iron and stainless steel, the upper support ensures structural integrity, stability, and longevity, even under extreme conditions.
  • External Jacket, Shaft, and Cup: Made from high-quality stainless steel, these components are corrosion-resistant and built to withstand prolonged exposure to water, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.
  • Mechanical Seal: Equipped with a ceramic-graphite mechanical seal, this motor provides a secure and efficient seal to prevent water infiltration, extending the lifespan of your submersible system.
  • Max Depth of Immersion: With a maximum immersion depth of 250 meters, the 4MPC is suitable for even the deepest wells, ensuring a consistent water supply.


Designed to cater to both domestic and industrial needs, this submersible motor offers the ideal solution for residential water supply, agricultural irrigation, and industrial applications. When you choose the 4MPC, you're investing in a motor that delivers outstanding performance, reliability, and longevity for all your submersible pump needs.

4MPC 30 - Residential Submersible Motors for 4” well

420,00 €Price
Excluding VAT |

DISCOUNT 25% straight from Factory

  • Construction features Option
    Liquid temperature 30° C
    Cable 1,5 m (4” 0,37-2,2 kW)
    2,5 m (4” 3,0-5,5 kW)
    3,5 m (4” 7,5 kW)
    Upper support cast iron and stainless steel
    External Jacket, shaft and cup stainless steel
    Mechanical seal ceramic-graphite
    Ball bearings axial and radial oil lubricated
    Extended Shaft NEMA standard
    Number of startups/hr max 30
    Max Depth of immersion 250 m
    HP 3
    kW 2.2
    Thrust (N) 2500


    Motor Option
    Asynchronous 2 poles rewindable in oil bath 1~ 220/230V-50Hz,
    3~ 380/415V-50Hz
    Insulation class F
    Protection degree IP68


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