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How to choose a borehole pump for your home?

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

FORAS borehole pumps are the optimal choice for domestic water supply. This type of pump is suitable for pumping clean water from a large-diameter garden well or a deep-drilled well. With its help, it is possible to create an effective independent system for all domestic and household needs.

Different pumps are used for wells: Submersible and self-priming surface centrifugal water pumps.

It is possible to select the type of equipment depending on the depth of the well, the water level, and several other parameters. However, to choose the right model, you need to calculate the optimum characteristics of the deep well pump:

  • the distance from the house to the well

  • the volume of water consumed

  • the presence/absence of filters.

These parameters will enable you to find the optimum model with the required capacity, power and head. All these technical data can be found on the unit's datasheet.

Pump capacity. Specified in kilowatts or watts (kW or W). This value affects how much water the pump can pump out per unit of time. The choice should not be based on the principle "the more, the better". Otherwise, there will be excessive pressure in the system, which usually leads to premature wear and tear. As a rule, the pressure rating of the pump is guided by the operating range of 30 to 70 %.

The pump must fit your exact needs!

Flow capacity. This is stated in litres that the device can lift per unit of time. The most common value for an average home is 4.2 m3/h. If you need to serve a large family living in a large house with a large garden, you should buy a device that can pump more water per hour compared to standard equipment.

Maximum head. One of the pump's main tasks is to ensure not only that the water rises, but also that there is sufficient pressure in the above-ground part of the system. To determine the required head, the depth of the well and the transport distance must be added together. Remember, every 10 meters of supply equals 1 meter of head loss, which is reduced by filters in the system.

A rough guideline for selection may be as follows:

The well is 15 m deep, 25 m away from the house, and no filters are installed. Hence, 15 m +2,5 m loss (25/10). Total 17,5 m. The desired pressure in the system is 3 bar, which is about 30 m. Therefore, under these conditions a deep well pump with a working head of about 48 m is required. As this is an average value, the maximum value is desirable for 20-30% more: 48 m + 25% = 60 m. So we need a deep well pump with a maximum head of 60-70 m.

If you are looking for a quality, reliable pump at an affordable price, you should consider Foras well pumps. Beware of cheap copies from the Far East!!!


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