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Range of peripheral and liquid ring type positive displacement pumps; they are characterized by the high ratio between the performances offered and the power required. Applications: • Small domestic installations • Boiler feeding • For washing • Pressurization of industrial plants • Small autoclaves • Transfer of liquids

Wide range of single and multistage self-priming pumps, characterized by the fact of being able to handle liquids in the presence of dissolved gases. Applications: • Water supply • Pressurization • Liquid transfer • Irrigation and tank emptying • Small automatic systems of pressure increase

Extremely silent single and double impeller centrifugal pumps, designed for a wide range of applications. Applications: • Water supply • Pressurization • Water circulation systems for heating and air conditioning • Liquid transfer in industry and horticulture

Wide range of centrifugal free axle and monobloc pumps, flanged with axial suction with hydraulic part entirely made of cast iron (MN, MNG, MA), in Aisi 304 (KMS) and Aisi 316 (MAX). Applications: • Water supply • Pressurization • Circulation of water in heating and air conditioning systems • Fluid transfer in industry and agriculture

Range of horizontal multistage pumps, not self-priming, with axial suction and radial delivery threads, pump body in AISI 304 and hydraulic part in Noryl (PLUS) and in AISI 304 (PLUS S). Applications: • Handling of uncharged liquids • For pressurization systems • Irrigation • Drinking water treatment • Food industry • Heating and conditioning • Industrial washing systems

Family of vertical multistage monobloc pumps (V/L) with impellers in Noryl® or (SV/SL) in AISI 304; coupled pumps (LG) with impellers in Noryl® or (SLG) in AISI 304; coupled pumps (HS) with impellers in AISI 304 or (HX) in AISI 316. Applications: • Handling unloaded liquids • Pressurization systems • Residential and industrial irrigation and drinking water systems • Washing systems

Fully automatic booster sets for water supply equipped with 2-3 fixed speed pumps, control panel, pressure switches, all fixed on a single frame for easy installation. Applications for water network supply in: • Housing complexes • Offices • Hotels • Shopping centers • Industrial plants • Irrigation.


Different models available in relation to performance requirements: centrifugal, Vortex, single or double channels pumps suitable for clean water, sewage and slurry. Impeller with grinding system available. Applications: • Emptying of cisterns • Fountains • Swimming pools • Draining of liquids from collection tanks and sumps

SP-SPV Foras pump


DB Foras pump


DC-series water pump Foras


Foras SPM




DS Foras Pumps


DR Foras pump


FTR 101 Foras


FV - FV4 Foras pump

Drainage & Sewage

FC Foras Pumps


Single channel centrifugal drainage pump


Electrical self priming pump for pools with large pre-filter, which, together with its excellent hydraulic performance, gives a very large filtering capacity.

From residential to industrial applications, the Foras pump catalogue has everything you need to find the perfect electric pump for your project. With a wide range of electric water pumps and expert advice, we make it easy to choose the right pump for your needs.

1.  Discover the power of Foras pumps for all your pumping needs.

From watering your grass to irrigation of large corporate farms; from filling up your hot tub to supplying water for large industrial technoparks, Foras pumps have been a trusted choice for decades. Foras has 1000 models of water pumps with water pressure of up to 1000m, with the delivery of up to 1000m3/h. Browse our full range of pumps on our online catalogue and find the perfect solution for your pumping needs.

+1000 models

1000 m pressure

1000 m3/h delivery

2.  Find the perfect pump for your needs. Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all pump.

Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all pump. With the Foras pump largest inventory catalogue, you can find the exact water pump you need to meet your specific requirements. Browse our full range of quality pumps at best prices, and choose the perfect technologically advanced equipment for your needs today. Foras pumps is a professional premium product made in Italy.

3.  Get the perfect pumping system for your project.

Contact us today email, or message, and let our experts design a complex system and certified pumping system tailored to your project's specific company specialised needs. Foras pumps are fully tested for both electrical parts and mechanical parts, twice every time. Trust Foras pump catalogue to provide you with the right solution.

After-sales service is available. 
You can find all the hydraulic and electrical parts using the pump part numbers.

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