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Foras 6L series - submersible multistage centrifugal pump for 6” wells with sand-resistant floating impellers. Due to their high efficiency and reliability, they are suitable for use in domestic and agricultural applications such as water distribution in conjunction with pressure tanks, for irrigation, etc.


Check valve built into the delivery outlet. Pump flanges for coupling with motors are made according to NEMA standards.  The submersible multistage centrifugal pumps for 4” wells have delivery outlet micro-casted stainless steel AISI 304, impellers and diffusers polycarbonate Lexan. Permissible liquid temperature max 35 °C. 
⚠️ Deep well Borehole 6L Line is suitable for use with clean water with a sand content not exceeding 400 g/m3. 


The 6L series pumps must be installed in wells with a diameter of at least 6 inches (100 mm). The pump must be lowered into a 2-metre diameter hole, e.g. a supply pipe, to a depth (min. 50 cm and at least from below) such that it is fully submerged during operation when the water level in the well may drop. It is recommended to secure the pump by attaching a stainless steel cable to the attachment points available on the discharge casing.


The submersible multistage centrifugal pumps Foras for 6” wells with sand-resistant floating impellers is developed and manufactured in Italy by Pentax Industries, S.p.A. The pump is original European quality, factory warranty and is not a cheap Asian copy.


Elevate your well pump setup with the dependable and efficient Foras 6L series well pumps!

6L 9/10 - Agricultural Deepwell Borehole Pump (136 m 180 l/min)

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