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Single-phase motors can be difficult to start, especially when there is a high voltage drop. The AVIATOR electronic board increases the starting torque of the motor in a simple and economical way to ensure that the motor starts in any situation.


Available as an accessory for the PILOT 118, the AVIATOR is equipped with special contacts that allow it to be mounted directly on the PILOT 118 power board. The starting capacitor provided by the AVIATOR board is connected in parallel with the running capacitor, but only during the starting phase. When the motor is running, the AVIATOR disconnects the starting capacitor.


In traditional boosters, the starting relay is triggered by the voltage value across the starting coil, which disconnects the starting capacitor after the motor has started. The limitations of this system are that different relay models are required depending on the motor used, the supply frequency, the maximum voltage of the starting coil and the on/off voltage of the starting capacitor. This requires a large stock of voltage relays specific to each motor and manufacturer.


The AVIATOR in conjunction with the PILOT 118 can operate any single-phase motor from any major manufacturer, simply by selecting the correct starting capacitor value for the motor size.

Aviator board with starting cap x Pilot 118

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  • MODEL Power (kW) Starting Capacitor (uF)
    AVIATOR 1 0.37 - 0.55  53 - 64
    AVIATOR 2 0.75 - 1.1 108 - 130
    AVIATOR 3 1.5 - 2.2 189 - 227