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Introducing the EASY POOL1 25 M - the Electrical Self-Priming Pump specifically designed for pools. 


🏊With a maximum head of 14 meters and a flow rate of 16 cubic meters per hour, this pump offers efficient performance to meet your pool's needs. Enjoy the convenience of self-priming functionality, ensuring hassle-free operation.


This pump features a large pre-filter, ensuring an extensive filtering capacity alongside excellent hydraulic performance. The transparent polycarbonate lid allows easy inspection of the pre-filter sieve. With no exposed motor parts, there is no risk of electrical contact with the water. The EASY control electronic system, compatible with the POOL1 Series, provides seamless integration and comprehensive control of the pool. Equipped with necessary protections and input/output options, it allows management of lighting, salt chlorinator, heat pump, temperature probe, and more, providing a convenient and intuitive installation.


Technical specifications:
P2: 160W 
Q max: 10 m³/h
H max: 12 m

EASY POOL1 25 M - Domestic Self-Priming Pump For Pools (12 m, 10 m³/h)

€550.00 Regular Price
€412.50Sale Price
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DISCOUNT 25% straight from Factory

  • Construction Features  Option 

    Pump body lid and

    Motor bracket aluminium


    Mechanical seal

    ceramic-graphite-AISI 316

    Motor shaft

    stainless steel AISI 316

    Liquid temperature

    max 40 °C


    stainless steel AISI 304

    Pre-filter cover in polycarbonate
    Horsepower 0.25
    Flow rate  10 m³/h
    Rated current 2.6A


    Motor Option 
    2 poles induction motor

    1~ 230V-50Hz

    Insulation class F
    Protection degree IP55


    Product Dimensions  
    Item Weight  
    Manufacturer Pentax Industries S.p.A. (Italy)

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