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Self-priming centrifugal pump with frontal suction for water supplies (even if mixed with gas) in small household systems, connected to autoclave tanks, for transferring liquids and emptying tanks; also used for gardening. and simple industrial applications; characterised by a considerable ratio between performance and required output. 


Due to their compactness, reliability and ease of use, they are suitable for domestic use such as domestic systems.  Recommended in combination with pressure set for water transfer, rainwater harvesting and garden irrigation systems, for water distribution in combination with low pressure tanks, for irrigating gardens and orchards, for drawing water from tanks. and for all those other situations where air or gas may be present in the pumped water. The installation must be carried out in well-ventilated closed rooms or in any case protected from the weather.


Suitable for use with clean water that does not contain abrasive particles and with liquids that are not chemically aggressive towards the materials of which the pump is made.


P2: 0.44 kW

Q max: 2.4 [m3/h]

H max: 36  [m]


Self-priming centrifugal pump are equipment that is designed to pump or supply water from reservoirs, wells, storage tanks. As a rule, it is used where it is necessary to provide a significant head with small volumes. The pumped liquid must not contain mechanical impurities. Pumps of this type are installed in automatic water supply systems, used in irrigation complexes for agriculture. In the chemical industry, they are used to supply various liquids, including aggressive, volatile, gas-saturated. Also, vortex units can be used as low-pressure compressors, vacuum pumps, feed pumps for auxiliary boiler plants.



The self-priming effect is achieved thanks to the ejector installed in the pump housing. Only a part of the total feed generated by the closed centrifugal impeller is sent to the discharge pipe; the rest is recirculated by means of an ejector, which, being connected to the suction chamber, creates in it the vacuum necessary for self-priming. At the first start, it is enough to fill the pump housing with water; it is not necessary to fill the suction pipe and remove any air pockets that may be present. At the moment of start-up, the water contained in the housing, circulating through the ejector, will move the air from the suction chamber to the discharge chamber, pushing it through the outlet pipeline. At the same time, the vacuum created in this way will lead to a rise in the water level in the suction pipe, thereby causing suction. The constant operation of the self-priming system makes such pumps practically insensitive to the presence (even significant) of air in the pumped liquid. In developing the series, based on previous PENTAX experience, special attention was paid to the selection of materials and hydraulic efficiency, as a result of which the pumps became more compact, improved performance, and reduced noise.

In any case, it is recommended to install a non-return valve on the supply or suction connection.


Compared to popular centrifugal pumps, self-priming analogues have a number of advantages:
Self-priming capability.
The pressure generated is greater (for the same impeller size and speed) than open impeller centrifugal pumps. Relatively high efficiency of such pumps.
Not a complicated pump design. Due to this, the repair and maintenance of these models is cheaper.
Independence from the pressure in the water supply at the inlet to the pump.
Ability to pump liquids saturated with gases.
The disadvantage of such pumps is the sensitivity when pumping water containing solid particles and sand, as this leads to a drop in pressure, efficiency and rapid wear of the internal elements of the device.

JA60 0.44 kW, 36 m, 40 l/min

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  • Pump body stainless steel AISI 304
    Motor bracket cast iron
    Impeller Noryl
    Mechanical seal ceramic-graphite
    Motor shaft stainless steel AISI 416
    Liquid temperature 0 - 50 °C
    Operating pressure max 6 bar 

    2 poles induction motor 

    with termal protection

    1~ 230V-50Hz
    Insulation class F