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Interchangeable membrane expansion tanks; the pre-charge pressure in the tank guarantees a water reserve but also reduces the number of startups of the connected pump; the membranes are certified for use with foodstuffs; they may be in EPDM or butyl depending on the model.

M8 For Av8 - Membranes For pressure tanks

VAT Included |

DISCOUNT 15% straight from Factory

  • MODEL Description Supported Models
    M8 For Av8  
    M24 For As24 -acv24 AS24-ACV24
    M50-60 For Ac50/60 - Av50/60 AC50-AV50
    M100 For Ac100 - Av100 AC100-AV100
    M200 For Ac200 - Av200 AC200-AV200
    M300 For Ac300 - Av300 AC300-AV300
    M500 For Av500 AV500
    M750-2000 For Av750-av2000 AV750-AV2000

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