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Introducing the E14 Industrial Deepwell Multistage Pump-End, designed exclusively for 14" wells. This powerhouse pump is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of both agricultural and industrial settings. With a maximum diameter of 346mm and a delivery diameter of DNM 230, it is tailored for optimal performance in a variety of applications.



  • Versatile Material Options:

Choose the right fit for your specific requirements with options for suction and delivery outlets in Cast Iron (EG), AISI 316 (EX), or Duplex (ED). This ensures durability and corrosion resistance, providing a robust solution for diverse operational environments.


  • Borehole Motor Compatibility:

This deepwell multistage pump-end is designed to seamlessly integrate with borehole motors following NEMA standards. This compatibility ensures ease of assembly and enhances the overall efficiency of the pumping system.


  • Ideal for Agricultural and Industrial Use:

The E14 is tailored to excel in both agricultural and industrial applications. Its robust construction and high-performance capabilities make it suitable for a wide range of tasks, from irrigation in the agricultural sector to various industrial processes.


  • Optimized Design for 14” Wells:

The pump is specifically crafted to cater to 14" wells, ensuring a perfect fit and efficient operation. Its design takes into account the unique challenges posed by wells of this size, providing reliable and consistent performance.


  • Reliable and Efficient:

Engineered with precision, this multistage pump-end delivers consistent and reliable pumping performance. Whether you're pumping water for agricultural needs or industrial processes, you can trust the E14 to get the job done efficiently.


  • Maximized Flow Rates:

With its advanced design and construction, the E14 pump-end is capable of achieving high flow rates, making it ideal for applications where a substantial volume of water needs to be moved quickly and efficiently.


Invest in the E14 Industrial Deepwell Multistage Pump-End for a reliable and versatile solution that meets the challenges of 14" wells in agricultural and industrial environments.  
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E14 - Industrial Deepwell multistage pump-end only for 14” well

VAT Included |

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  • Construction features Options
    Suction and delivery outlet

    Cast Iron (EG),

    AISI 316 (EX),

    Duplex (ED) 


    Cast Iron (EG),

    AISI 316 (EX),

    Duplex (ED) 

    Impellers and diffusers

    Cast Iron (EG),

    AISI 316 (EX),

    Duplex (ED) 

    Upper bushings NBR rubber
    Shaft pump side

    AISI 431 (EG),

    Duplex (EX/ED)

    Quantity of sand in the water max 100 gr/m³
    Ø Max (mm) 346
    Delivery DNM 230


    Motor Options
    Asynchronous 2 poles motor rewindable water cooled
    Insulation class Y (max 30 °C) - PPC winding type
    F (max 50 °C) - PE2+PA or LPE winding type
    Protection degree IP68


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