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🔇POOL4 2-1250 - Super-quiet and High-Volume Self-Priming Pump for Efficient Filtration Systems.


Upgrade your pool filtration system with our super-quiet and high-volume self-priming pump. Available in 2 and 4 poles versions, this pump is perfect for larger filtration systems, ensuring optimal performance. 


🔸 Superior Filtration Capacity: With its large suction-side pre-filter and excellent hydraulic performance, our pump guarantees an extremely high filtration capacity. Say goodbye to impurities and enjoy crystal-clear water all season long. 

🔸 Convenient Polycarbonate Filter Cover: The pump is equipped with a polycarbonate cover, allowing you to easily view the contents of the pre-filter basket. No more hassle when it comes to maintenance and monitoring!

🔸 Robust Design: Designed for durability, our pump features standard connection flanges and a broad base, making the entire system exceptionally robust. Please note that counter-flanges are available upon request, but not supplied as standard.

🔸 Tailored Turbine Options: Customize your pump according to your needs. Choose between two turbine versions: noryl® or marine bronze. Simply let us know your preference, and we'll provide the perfect fit for your pool setup. 

🔸 Versatile Compatibility: For those with sea water pools, our pump is compatible when fitted with the AISI-316 mechanical seal. Experience efficient filtration and optimal performance even in saltwater environments.


Technical specifications:
P2: 9.2 kW
Q max: 167 m³/h
H max: 20 m
2850 Revolutions per minute


Upgrade your pool system with our super-quiet and high-volume self-priming pump, and enjoy the benefits of excellent filtration, easy maintenance, and a robust design. Dive into a relaxing pool experience with clear water! 

POOL4 2-1250 - High-volume Powerful Pump for Water Slides (20 m, 167 m³/h)

SKU: POOL4 2-1250
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€1,975.50Sale Price
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  • Construction Features  Option 

    Pump body, seal housing, diffuser

    polypropylene reinforced with glass fibre
    Motor bracket aluminium

    Noryl®, marine bronze on request

    Mechanical seal

    ceramic-graphite-AISI 316

    Motor shaft

    stainless steel AISI 316

    Liquid temperature

    max 40 °C


    stainless steel AISI 304

    Pre-filter cover in polycarbonate
    Painting cataphoresis
    Horsepower 12.5
    Minimum size of suction pipe 180


    Motor Option 
    2 poles induction motor

    3~ 230V/400V-50Hz
    3~ 400V/690V-50Hz

    Insulation class F
    Protection degree IP55


    Product Dimensions 51 x 38 x 50 cm
    Item Weight 85 kg
    Manufacturer Pentax Industries S.p.A. (Italy)

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