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FORAS  pressure gauge class 1.6 - Ø 50 mm 0-12 bar - horizontal - black plastic - G 1/4" B connection from the rear


Axial manometer radial manometer  (FIMET Italy) is used to measure the pressure of liquid and gases . It is used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, plumbing and agriculture
Manometer DN 50 with return connection and plastic case for industrial applications made in Italy by FIMET for WATTS. The pressure gauge has original European quality, factory guarantee and is not a cheap Asian copy
Scale divided into bars, optional PSI scale.

-Solid case: black plastic;

-Window: Clear plastic;

-Dial: White plastic;

-Pointer: Black plastic;

-Pressure connection: Cu-alloy,  14 mm flats (≥ DN 50);
-Pressure element: Bourdon tube Cu-alloy, soft soldered ≤ 60 bar C-type,> 60 bar helical type Sn-Ag soldered

-Movement Cu-alloy


Technical features:

-Design: EN 837-1;

-Working pressure Steady:

75 % of full scale value

Fluctuating: 60 % of full scale value

Short time: full scale value;


-Temperature limits:

Ambient: -40 ... +60 °C

Medium: +60 °C maximum

Storage: -40 ... +60 °C


-Temperature effect: Deviation from reference temperature (+20°C): ±0,04%/1K of the span -Accuracy class Cl 1.6

-Degree of protection IP 31 per EN 60 529 / IEC 529

-Individual weight:  0.089 kg
-CE declaration;


Made in EU

Pressure Gauge PR12 0-12 bar DN 50 G 1/4" connection from the rear

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