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The practical electronic flow control from Foras automatic switch for the complete replacement of the traditional water system set consisting of pressure switch and pressure tank. With the Foras Pentax Servopress S1, you can control the start of the electric pump after a pressure drop (open taps) and stop when the fluid flow at the maximum pressure level of the electric pumps (close the tap).
PENTAX INDUSTRIES S.P.A. headquartered in Veronelo (Italy) was founded over 25 years ago by the Pedrollo family. The company is one of the most famous and leading manufacturers of pumps in the world and produces over 1000 different models with discharge heights up to 1000 m and capacities up to 1200 m3/h. Its products are of high quality and performance. * Quality made in Italy *

- Protection against dry running.
- Starting pressure adjustable during installation.
- Installation in any position - both vertically and horizontally to the direction of flow.
- Easily replaceable electronic circuit board.
- Standard hydraulic connections, 1 inch G (25 mm).
- No maintenance required.

Technical data:
- Power supply: 230 V ac ± 10% 50/60 Hz.
- Rated current: 12 A.
- Start pressure range: 1 - 3.5 bar.
- Voltage: 230 V (AC).
- Rated current: 12 A.
- Max. Pressure: 10 bar.
- Protection rating: IP65.
- Weight: 0.6 kg
- Dimensions (L x W x H): 190 x 105 x 70 mm.

Manufacturer: Pentax Industries S.P.A., Italy.
- Max. Liquid temperature: 55°C.
- Max. Ambient temperature: 55°C

Product description:
SERVOPRESS S1 is an automatic switch without compromising high European quality. The pump control consists of a hydraulic and a replaceable electronic part.


About this item

  • The pump control SERVOPRESS S1 is made by PENTAX INDUSTRIES S.P.A. Made in Italy, has original European quality and is not a cheap Asian counterfeit.
  • The practical pressure switch SERVOPRESS S1 ensures constant water pressure when using electric household water pumps, small water nets, garden irrigation pumps and others. An automatic pressure regulator regulates the water pressure and turns off the pump as soon as the set pressure is reached. If the pressure drops below the desired set value, the pressure switch automatically switches on the pump.
  • This device has a special dry run protection to protect the main electric water pump. In case of water shortage (less than 2 litres min), the pump automatically stops (dry running protection is activated). The pump control consists of a hydraulic and replaceable electronic part.
  • Hydraulic part: pressure gauge monitors the switch-on pressure and system pressure. - Shut-off valve - a valve that reacts to flow changes - Moulded and reinforced plastic body - Membrane and spring react to pressure changes - Safety valve to prevent water leakage if membrane is damaged
  • Electronic part: - Impact-resistant electronic control board with composite insulation. Earta is easily replaceable and has IP65 protection - sealed body made of fireproof injection moulded plastic - 2 sealed sleeves for inserting electrical cables - relay with a switching capacity of more than 100,000 cycles in continuous operation with a maximum current of 12A. - Varistor against voltage spikes
  • CE Certified, IP65 Rated Electronic part complies with European EMC regulations and has a low electronic interference
  • Package include:1PC Automatic flow sensor Servvopress S1 (without cable), electrical clamps and manual (English language not guaranteed).

Pressure Switch Servopress S1

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