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1S70017000PUMP BODY CAM102
2S70046000BRACKET CAM/AP/CM75-10074
4S75405000SHAFT+ROTOR D.55 H50M/T42
5S71127016BRASS IMPELLER AP75/CAM75-575 D.13067
6M72519015DIFFUSER CAM/JX/AP75-10027
11M72521000VENTURI TUBE D.11 CAM16
12M72521011NOZZLE D. 7,412
13M60400002MECH. SEAL PR/AR 13 BP5FF18
13M60400003MECH. SEAL PFC 26x13x5.5 V1P11
14S57900006FM. CASE+W.110x55-50T 230/400-50 B5150
15S70214001MOT. COVER MEC7121
16M60100016FAN MEC71 D.1516
17M60200021FAN COVER MEC7126
18M61100001TERM.BOX BAM3 6M 40x25 M4 3PH27
20M72606003SPLASH GUARD D.159
21M60513004IMPELLER STOP NUT M1011
22/23M60300001BEARING 6202-ZZ D NS7SJ12
24M60603001ADJUSTING RING 35 B11
25M75450002ROD M 5x135 MEC 7111
28/29M75147000PLUG 1/4 BRASS20
31M60900008PUMP BODY OR GASKET 164,7x3,5311
32M60900001NOZZLE O-R GASKET 23,81x2,6211
33M60900002VENTURI TUBE OR GASKET 26,65x2,6211
65M60602000LOCK RING D. 1511
108M60701101SHEATH CLAMP11
These parts are interchangeable with PENTAX and MARLEY

Spares: Foras:JA80/1T 230-400-50, Pentax:CAMT80/1

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