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Pos.Part -DescriptionEur -
1S70017031BRACKET MD75-100102
4S75405011SHAFT+ROTOR D.55 H70M/T MD/CP75-MDT10053
5S71127035BRASS IMPELLER MD75-100 D.9035
13M60400002MECH. SEAL PR/AR 13 BP5FF18
13M60400003MECH. SEAL PFC 26x13x5.5 V1P11
14S57900135FM. CASE+W.110x55-70T 230/400-50 B3186
15S70214001MOT. COVER MEC7121
16M60100016FAN MEC71 D.1516
17M60200021FAN COVER MEC7126
18M61100001TERM.BOX BAM3 6M 40x25 M4 3PH27
20M72606002SPLASH GUARD D.25x11,5x2,59
22/23M60300001BEARING 6202-ZZ D NS7SJ12
24M60603001ADJUSTING RING 35 B11
25M75450002ROD M 5x135 MEC 7111
28/29M75147000PLUG 1/4 BRASS20
28/29M75147001PLUG 1/8 BRASS28
31M60900015PUMP BODY OR GASKET 89x212
40M61000000KEY 4x4x10 AISI 316 S.S.11
42S71114013BRASS COVER D.90 MD54
65M60602000LOCK RING D. 1511
108M60701101SHEATH CLAMP11
138M60602002LOCK RING D. 1211
These parts are interchangeable with PENTAX and MARLEY

Spares: Foras:PC100T 230/400-50, Pentax:MDT 100

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