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Drainage and Sewage Pumps: the indispensable assistants for garden and home

Updated: May 15, 2023

A drainage, sewage or sump pump is portable equipment that removes groundwater, wastewater, silt and sewage. Due to their unique design, sump pumps are popular among country house owners and farmers. This article will explain the types and kinds of these devices and review the installation options and scope of application for drainage and sump pump equipment.

Drainage and Sewage Pumps: the indispensable assistants for garden and home

How to use a Drainage and Sewage Pumps

In the countryside, people are often faced with the risk of flooding garden plots, pools, cellars, basements and occasionally hot tubs. The situation is made worse if there is low-lying groundwater. Drainage pumps are used to pump out the flood water. They are necessary for pumping water with many solid particles or silt in suspension. As the concentration of impurities in suspension in the pumped liquid is high, these pumps must be robust and reliable in operation and possess a maximum degree of non-clogging. For this reason, the channel diameters of all faecal pumps are much larger than those of clean water pumps. Their design often includes a grinder at the pump inlet to grind large particles. A basement pump is indispensable if the basement of your country house is disconnected from the central sewage system.

How to use a Drainage and Sewage Pumps

Faecal pumps quickly pump heavily polluted water and sewage. The faecal pump can be installed in a septic tank or in a receiving well. The pumps facilitate the installation of all types of sanitary facilities in the basement. For example, you can install automatic basement pumps in a shower stall or a sanitary facility.

Use of a sump pump in building basement drainage well

The drain pump is connected to the mains via a mains isolator switch designed to protect and prevent the wiring from burning out in the cellar in the event of a short circuit.

Thanks to the electrical circuitry of the submersible pump or float pump, the unit works automatically without human manual intervention. One common application is installing submersible water pumps in drainage wells for filling tanks or watering the property or garden.

In this case, the water pump itself will wait until the well is full and by raising the float, depending on the degree of filling of the well, it will automatically start draining the device when the well is filled with sufficient liquid. When the process of draining is complete, the float sinks as the water level drops and the unit switches off.

Use of a sump pump in building basement drainage well

Submersible pumps are used not only for pumping flooded rooms and tanks but also for periodic drainage of artificial ponds, too overgrown with algae and silt. These pumps are also used on farms to pump manure.

Types of electric drainage pumps

There are several types of drainage pumps. Their classification is based on the pumping capacity. A distinction is made between single-phase, three-phase, automatic, inlet grinders and those used with explosive and chemical liquids. There is a more advanced profile of drainage pumps - faecal pumps, which can be used to empty dirty water or pump out sewage.

Drainage pumps are available as both submersible pumps and surface pumps, suitable for domestic and industrial. The principle of operation is the same; the difference is the construction size and capacity. An electric motor drives the impeller using its rotation. The drive may be supplied by an electric motor, a petrol or diesel engine, or a universal agricultural machinery power take-off shaft. The machine does not influence the operating principle.

Foras manufacturers also feature a vast and capable range of electric pumps designed to perform fully in all conditions.

  • Borehole pumps;

  • Surface pumps (centrifugal, vertical, vortex, self-priming, multistage, bronze and stainless steel);

  • Drainage pumps and submersible pumps;

  • Automatic pumping stations.

Types of electric drainage pumps Foras pump by Pentax

About Foras series electric drainage and sewage pumps

One of the world's leading manufacturers of this equipment is the Italian company Pentax S.p.A. with FORAS, PENTAX, MARLY and VERTEX pumps family. Its industrial and domestic faecal pumps are reliable, of high quality, excellent performance, and affordable. These products meet all European standards. Taking care of the convenience of its customers, the manufacturer has been tirelessly improving technology and upgrading its products, every year introducing updated models adapted to the growing needs of consumers.

SP/SPV series - submersible water pump, water pumps, drainage pumps, portable installation.

Impeller of a domestic drainage pump Foras
Impeller of a domestic drainage pump

These pumps are ideal for emptying pits, basements, building foundations or tanks with polluted water and suspended solids in private and municipal applications. Entirely made of corrosion-resistant material, and the vortex impeller is made from Noryl®. The motor liner is polypropylene, and the shaft is AISI 416 stainless steel. The pump has a double mechanical lip seal.

Foras series electric drainage and sewage pumps SP

Foras sewage and drainage pumps have the following characteristics:

  • The highest possible degree of design reliability;

  • Ease and simplicity of operation;

  • Low noise level;

  • Compact size and low weight, making it easy to transport the equipment;

  • The economic consumption of energy allows the active use of faecal drainage pumps in production and domestic applications.

Spare parts replacement

With Foras, you can be sure that your product will have an extended life and that you can perform maintenance for many years. You can find and purchase all the spare parts from the warehouse on our website within 3–4 days, including for very old models, with a 4-week delivery. Please note that Foras spare parts are interchangeable with Pentax and Marly models.

For the pumps above, you can find the spare pump parts here:

Foras - true industrial water pump

Foras pumps are of exceptional quality. Each pump is tested twice for both the mechanical and the electrical parts. Today, Foras can offer thousands of pump models suitable for various applications. To buy a sewage or water pump, or pumping station, perfectly ideal for industrial needs and domestic purposes, it is enough to refer to our company, which has been selling Italian pumps at the domestic market for many years. Our experts are well versed in the features of the product's functioning and help choose the right pump for each customer.

As a company, Foras is part of the Pentax S.p.A. pump family of brands and historically had joined the manufacturing business from Pedrollo pumps.


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